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Commerz Real has snapped up Viridium Gruppe’s €2.5bn Milennium portfolio for its open-ended Hausinvest fund, marking the biggest deal in the company’s history. Read more


Stefan Aumann - Peakside

Stefan Aumann

Blockchain is starting to filter through to the German real estate market, with many in the industry hoping to gain a major competitive edge if they embrace it head-on. While information such as real estate prices, comparable lease rental rates... Read more


Thomas Meyer - Wertgrund

Wertgrund Immobilien AG

Munich-based residential property investor and asset manager Wertgrund Immobilien AG has further invested in German residential, primarily in northern German cities. The investments will see the company opening up two further regional offices, in... Read more


Thomas Hegel - LEG

LEG Immobilien AG / Andreas Teichmann

Benson Elliot, the UK-based private equity real estate fund manager, said it sold 700 units from its German residential portfolio to German listed investor LEG Immobilien, at a rental yield of 6.8%. Read more


Lilienthal - Westgrund AG

Westgrund AG

The listed residential real estate company Westgrund AG has gone through huge growth in the past year, and has just posted its best ever results. It tripled its number of apartments from 4,905 to 16,847 in the course of the year, and nearly... Read more



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The markets are in need of a good story, after the surge in German real estate companies’ share prices over the last few years, and that story is consolidation. Among existing listed companies, merger fever has gripped the markets. Read more



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A recent study produced by the prestigious DIW Deutsche Institut für Wirtschaftsförderung in Berlin received wide coverage in the German media recently when it suggested that about half of all residential landlords in Germany break even at best... Read more