Shareholder, Numbers, Figures

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REFIRE met with Anthony Gahan, the founder of new real estate stock exchange IPSX last year at the Real Estate Finance Day at the Frankfurt Business School, and we were intrigued at the prospects for the fledgling business. Read more


German real estate

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Refinancing is on the up, according to JLL’s German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) for the second quarter, published this week. Read more


Acquisitions, Contracts and Deals

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Investcorp, the Bahrain-based manager of alternative investment products, has bought the Airport Centre, a multi-let office and light industrial property located in Hamburg, for a price of about €85 million. Read more



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The size of Germany’s investable hotel market has hit a record high of €57.5b, marking an increase of almost 10% last year, according to research published this month by Union Investment and Bulwiengesa. Read more


Commercial real estate

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It’s been a good month for German property fintech startups, with several big new fundraising rounds, including online broker McMakler and crowdfunding specialist Exporo. Read more


Kaufhof - Frankfurt

GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH

Austria’s Signa Group has taken control of German department store chain Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof from Canada’s Hudson Bay Company’s (HBC) by acquiring its 49.99% stake in the recently merged chain for $1.5b, HBC announced this month. Read more


Professor Dr. Steffen Metzner - Empira Asset Management GmbH

Empira Asset Management GmbH

A new study by investment manager Empira highlights how the construction of new office space in Germany’s bigger cities is lagging demand, and will soon lead to noticeable space shortages, despite a rising level of project developments. Read more


Stefan Aumann - Peakside

Stefan Aumann

Blockchain is starting to filter through to the German real estate market, with many in the industry hoping to gain a major competitive edge if they embrace it head-on. While information such as real estate prices, comparable lease rental rates... Read more


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