Sonja Knorr

Loan portfolio

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We reported last month in REFIRE how Germany’s open-ended mutual real estate funds surpassed the €100bn mark at the end of Q1 for the first time. A new study by Berlin-based rating agency Scope shows, however, that with the difficulty of finding... Read more


Warehouse and logistic space

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Real estate funds active across different parts of the logistics sector are bullish about logistics investment as e-commerce continues to redefine the retail landscape, according to Scope’s latest survey published this month in conjunction with... Read more



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REFIRE bumped into Scope Analysis’s Sonja Knorr at the recent EXPO REAL in Munich, coincidentally just as the Berlin-based ratings and analyst company Scope released its own study of the housing markets in Germany’s biggest 10 cities. Read more


Commerzbank Zentrale

Commerzbank AG

Germany's open-ended real estate funds have been riding a wave of liquidity to clean up and diversify their holdings, largely to very good effect, according to the latest annual ratings issued by Berlin-based rating agency Scope. Read more


Figures, Numbers and Stats

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Germany's open-ended real estate funds sector took in more than €5bn in new investors' capital in 2015, up from €2.8bn in 2014, according to figures released by Berlin-based fund rating agency Scope. Read more


Sebastiano Ferrante - Pramerica

Pramerica Real Estate International AG

We reported back in October last year that the Chinese group Gingko Tree Investment Ltd. was in talks to buy a huge Munich office park in the south-west of the city. The park consists of 37 buildings with 425,000 sqm of gross lettable space, along... Read more


Funds, numbers and ratings

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Berlin-based rating agency Scope has just published its annual Rating Review for the German open-ended funds sector. It concludes that fund initiators and managers are taking a bullish view, while sales and distribution agents are decidedly less... Read more