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J.P. Morgan Asset Management and LGT Capital Partners are buying an office portfolio of four German offices from German listed company Publity. The price was undisclosed, but was thought to have been north of €230m. Read more


Thomas Olek - Publity

Publity AG

Another company which surged throughout 2015, both in terms of assets under management and profits, was the Leipzig-headquartered and Frankurt-listed Publity, which more than trebled its portfolio during 2015 from €500m to €1.6bn. Read more


Vodafone - Eschborn

Florian Glock

US-based investor Apollo and German asset manager Publity have emerged as the buyers of the large German office assets forming the collateral of the Eurocastle 'Bridge' loan in the legacy Lehman Brothers Windermere X securitisation. Read more



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The markets are in need of a good story, after the surge in German real estate companies’ share prices over the last few years, and that story is consolidation. Among existing listed companies, merger fever has gripped the markets. Read more