German retail sector

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It is widely known that Germany’s population is shrinking, as the Germans have too few children and the population ages. Current rates of immigration are not enough to sustain the population, and even at higher rates of net population inflow, the... Read more


Praktiker - hier spricht der Preis.

Praktiker AG

The collapse of the Praktiker DIY chain in Germany, along with its more upmarket subsidiary Max Bahr, has been the big story in German retail and retail real estate over the summer months. REFIRE has reported on the insolvency and the emergence of... Read more



Praktiker AG

When a big German retailer goes bust, it can often struggle on for years under various forms of administration before either recovering under new ownership and hefty debt write-downs, or being slowly put out of its misery. The case of Praktiker... Read more


Retail Warehouse

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UK-based Rockspring Property Investment Managers said last week it was planning a second equity raising of €100m by the end of this year for its German Retail Box Fund. Read more