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While Germany may be experiencing a mild slowdown in its economic growth, including in its construction industry, a new study shows that building costs are still rising inexorably, which is bad news for consumers. Read more


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Germany has seen the number of building permits issued fall for the first time in ten years, while the construction industry is heading towards a dip towards the end of the year, according to statistics published by German official sources. Read more


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Figures released earlier this month by Germany's Federal Statistics Office show that revenues in Germany's construction industry rose in the first 10 month of 2017 with order books remaining high, fuelling hopes that Germany's broad-based economic... Read more


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Residential building permits issued in Germany fell by 7.3% in the first six months, in a sign that the construction sector is heading for a slowdown in the second half of 2017. Read more


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Figures released by Germany's Federal Statistics Office (Destatis) show that turnover in the building industry in August rose nominally by 12.4% to €6.6bn compared to last year. The last time there was a higher figure for August was 1999, when it... Read more


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Planning permission was granted in January and February for 54,000 residential units in Germany, a rise of 33% on the previous year and probably a new record on a monthly basis, according to the country's Federal Office of Statistics. Read more


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German home building permits rose by 24,000 units to 309,000 last year, the first time the number of permits has breached the 300,000 mark since 2000, according to Destatis, Germany's Federal Statistics Office. Read more



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The upswing of prices in the German residential property market is gaining momentum, Deutsche Bundesbank cautions in its current monthly report. The report is compiled using the bank's own resources, combined with external data from researchers... Read more


Long-term readers of REFIRE will have followed with us over the last ten years the inexorable rise of the rate of Grunderwerbsteuer, or land transfer tax, applicable on any real estate acquisition in Germany. Once the domain of the federal governme Read more



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Investors in German office properties should be looking carefully at Germany’s regional cities, particularly in western Germany, where the amount of office workers is expected to grow by 80,000 annually, creating extra demand of 2 million square... Read more


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There is still plenty of potential for much higher rates of home ownership in Germany – traditionally the country with the lowest rate in Europe, bar Switzerland – and it could well be headed to a rate of more than 50% from its current 43%... Read more