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British fund providers may no longer sell fund shares in the EU after the UK leaves the bloc. Some of the affected companies consider collaborating with German third-party AIFM. This sort of collaboration offers an efficient and affordable way out... Read more

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Insurgencies often end up betraying the ideals that motivated them. Brexit seems no different. In no time, it has shed its intellectually most powerful motive: the full restoration of sovereignty to the House of Commons. Read more

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Japanese banks Nomura and Daiwa recently indicated they are moving their EU base to Frankfurt and are applying for the appropriate regulatory licences. The announcements follow similar ones from Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, among others. Read more

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Germany could be headed for a bumper year with up €100b in deals, according to Fabian Klein, head of investment Germany at CBRE in Frankfurt. ‘We’re expecting a record year in Germany this year, with at least €50b of deals. If enough supply comes... Read more



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The German ruling coalition of the CDU and SPD political parties are close to reaching a compromise regarding credit directives, or 'Kreditrichtlinie’, designed to stop Germany’s property market from overheating, according to several people who... Read more


Treaty of Rome

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The idea of Europe began in the minds of its peoples – its philosophers, scholars, artists, religious and political leaders. And so did its wars. Historically, attempts to unify Europe were made through a series of brutal conflicts, culminating... Read more

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Hans-Joachim Beck

Savings banks (Sparkassen) across Germany are reporting sharply lowered mortgage lending to consumers since the introduction of tighter new lending legislation which came into effect on March 21st this year. The new regulations, stemming from the... Read more

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With all the macro-economic talk surrounding Brexit and the doomsday scenarios being painted by each side's proponents, it's never long before parallels with marriage and divorce are being drawn by anyone giving a speech on the subject. Now all... Read more



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The issue of Brexit inevitably came up in all serious discussions about commercial real estate at the recent MIPIM in Cannes. The British referendum on June 23rd on whether to remain in or leave the EU was clearly a key theme occuping minds, and... Read more