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German housing construction

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Germany has seen a 30.4% rise in the number of residential housing permits granted in the first half of 2016 compared to last year, according to Destatis, the German Federal Statistics Office. The influx of refugees, Germany's stable employment... Read more


Immobilienwirtschaft 2016

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The issue of Germany's housing shortage in the country's largest cities was much discussed at the recent annual Handelsblatt Immobilientagung in Hamburg. Delegates were unanimous that only a broader building programme had any hope of providing a... Read more


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German home building permits rose by 24,000 units to 309,000 last year, the first time the number of permits has breached the 300,000 mark since 2000, according to Destatis, Germany's Federal Statistics Office. Read more



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Investors in German residential housing need to be aware of potentially very significant changes to the tenancy laws that are making their way through Berlin's Ministry of Justice and headed for ratification by Germany's Bundestag. Read more