Thomas Hegel - LEG

LEG Immobilien AG / Andreas Teichmann

German listed residential landlord LEG Immobilien AG has justified its investors’ expectation by posting solid first-half figures, underpinned by strong rental growth in its North Rhine-Westphalian heartland... Read more


Fragmented housing

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A new study on Germany’s residential housing market shows how fragmented the market is and how the lack of scale efficiencies have led to inflated cost structures, despite robust growth among listed residential property firms. Read more


Evonik Industries AG in Essen

Evonik Industries AG

The Essen-based mining and chemicals conglomerate Evonik has formally merged its huge real estate holdings into one company, the 130,000-unit Vivawest, and has transferred most of its shares into its employees pension fund as part of a long-mooted... Read more