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Net fund assets of all Germany’s open-ended mutual property funds came to €101.1bn at the end of this year’s first quarter, surpassing the €100bn level for the first time ever, new figures from Germany’s fund organization BVI show. The figure... Read more


Warehouse and logistic space

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Real estate funds active across different parts of the logistics sector are bullish about logistics investment as e-commerce continues to redefine the retail landscape, according to Scope’s latest survey published this month in conjunction with... Read more


Figures, Numbers and Stats

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Germany's open-ended real estate funds sector took in more than €5bn in new investors' capital in 2015, up from €2.8bn in 2014, according to figures released by Berlin-based fund rating agency Scope. Read more


Real Estate - Construction site

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The Berlin rating agency Scope sees a further strong year ahead in 2016 for German real estate, as investors pursue higher yields than they can get with government bonds. In particular, German big cities are likely to be the focus of investors... Read more



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Real estate debt funds are facing increased competition to lend from newly-liquid banks even as their capital raised looks set to reach new highs, says Berlin-based research house Scope Ratings. Read more