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Student apartment

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Rising rents in German cities, coupled with an overbuild in rural areas could put the brakes on the residential market, the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) warned this month. more


Real Estate Study

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Germany’s real estate sector will be the ‘anchor of stability’ for Europe, according to a new study published this month. more



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Germany's federal states hauled in a record €12.4bn in Grunderwerbsteuer (property transfer tax), a rise of 10.2% over 2015, based on the €240.5bn of property transactions across the country last year, itself up 9.6% on the previous year... more


Student living

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Student accomodation has become less of an investment niche sector than an accepted mainstream asset category over the past three years, as investors seek out yield in areas they might not have considered investing in previously. Germany, in... more


Charles Kingston

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2015´s unseasonally warm weather has provided us in Germany with the absurd sight of winter revellers hugging their Glühweins at the traditional Christmas market clad in nothing more than short-sleeved summer shirts. more


Rural residential accomodation

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Too little residential accomodation is being built in Germany's big cities, while too much is being built in rural areas, according to a new study published by the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) in Cologne. The authors of the study are... more


Eigentum, Eigenheim

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The question of whether to rent or to buy has become increasingly common in Germany over the past couple of years, as interest rates remain at rock-bottom levels and swathes of traditional renters are now calculating that it might make sense to... more


Real Estate Headlines

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REFIRE knows from long experience that newspaper headlines highlighting the latest acquisition by foreign private equity real estate investors in Germany of residential housing invariably elicit a volley of responses from social housing associations more

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