Kaufhof - Frankfurt

GALERIA Kaufhof GmbH

Austria’s privately-held retail and real estate company Signa Group raised €1.2bn in fresh equity during the month, with the proceeds targeted for pending acquisitions and developments (particularly in Berlin), and boosting its liquidity reserves... Read more


Matthias Cordier - Madison International

Madison International Realty

Real estate private equity firm Madison International Realty has purchased a strategic 5% equity stake in Signa Prime Selection, a European real estate portfolio, through its Luxembourg vehicle MIELI II. The move gives Madison a stake in 87... Read more


Rui Tereso - Tristan Capital Partners

Tristan Capital Partners

Barely eighteen months after being bought by its current owners, the Karstadt complex opposite Munich's main railway station is being sold again. EPI Special Opportunities 3 (EPISO 3), an opportunity fund managed by Tristan Capital Fund and... Read more