Shopping mall - Fachmarktzentren

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The amount of new retail space being developed in the form of retail parks ("Fachmarktzentren") has fallen this year in Germany to only 71% of the previous year's growth level, in contrast to the trend in the rest of Europe. Europe as a whole will... Read more


Food Retail

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The Erlangen, Bavaria-based GRR Real Estate Management GmbH (GRR REM) has acquired a bundle consisting of three retail properties for its GRR German Retail Fund No.1 from a fund managed by Internos Global Investors. Read more


Manfred Kronas

GRR Real Estate Management GmbH

The right choice and timely appointment of an experienced and specialised asset management company can make financing negotiations for real estate transactions and loan renewals a lot easier. Especially for properties from the "value-add" risk... Read more

Guest Columns


Praktiker AG

When a big German retailer goes bust, it can often struggle on for years under various forms of administration before either recovering under new ownership and hefty debt write-downs, or being slowly put out of its misery. The case of Praktiker... Read more