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German real estate

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Residential prices in Germany are expected to continue their upward trend through 2014, with prices for newly-built apartments expected to rise by up to 5%, according to a new study from the University of Regensburg and commissioned by Deutsche... Read more


Residential Real Estate

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Most of our research brethren in Germany are expecting a slower rate of increase in the prices for residential real estate throughout 2014. DB Research expects new apartments to rise by 5% nationwide, although up to 7.5% in the larger cities... Read more


Investment Portfolio

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News from Swedish investors in Germany highlight how the Nordic country’s leading investors are expanding their footprint across both the residential and the commercial sectors. Residential investor Akelius invested over €270m last year in... Read more


DeWAG in Duesseldorf


A report by Bloomberg, citing four insiders with knowledge of the company’s dealings, suggests that the Stuttgart-based German residential real estate company DeWAG GmbH may be about to be sold by its American owners, the residential REITs Equity... Read more


MIPIM Cannes

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There was much talk among the German participants at this year's MIPIM in Cannes about the likely intentions of the bigger players in Germany’s frothy residential property market. Certainly a number of indicators are flagging that the recent... Read more


It’s probably the daddy of the burgeoning array of property indices that now track all aspects of the German commercial and residential real estate markets. The BulwienGesa Index, managed by the market research company of the same name, Read more


Only a few short years ago it seemed that Australian investment companies, desperate to find yield on real estate outside their saturated domestic market, were spearheading the drive into German residential and commercial markets... Read more


For every doom-monger warning about the overheating prices in German residential real estate, a new study seems to appear to assure us that - no, all is under control and well within acceptable boundaries given the fundamentals of supply and demand.. Read more