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Figures reaching us from BNP Paribas Real Estate confirm the ongoing strength of the market for German residential portfolio transactions, albeit somewhat lower than last year’s record turnover of €3.64bn in the first quarter. Not counting the... Read more


Berlin Brandenburger Tor

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It’s been a fairly steady stream of good news for both the company and shareholders of listed Berlin residential housing company GSW Immobilien since the company’s flotation on the stock market in 2011. Read more



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The extended sales process for BayernLB’s 32,000-unit southern German residential portfolio has been narrowed down still further following the withdrawal from bidding of two leading listed Austrian property companies, Conwert Immobilien AG and... Read more


Plans by Germany’s largest residential landlord Deutsche Annington for its long-awaited IPO have been noticeably gathering pace over the past few weeks. The latest word is that the group is now targeting a date possibly as early as the first week... Read more


Deutsche Bank real estate subsidiary RREEF and its partner Prelios are reported by Bloomberg this week to be lining up the sale of the DGAG residential portfolio in northern Germany... Read more


Not surprisingly, given the current boom in demand for German residential property, the German market saw nearly 16% less forced sales of property in 2012 than in the previous year, or nearly 11,500 less year on year, according to the latest figures Read more


House Price Bubble

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Economists in Germany have been quick to justify the rising level of German residential prices across the nation over the past two years, citing catch-up effects, safe haven status, low interest rates, and rural urban demographic... Read more