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The German business press has been devoting acres of column space to a thorny issue which has been around for years, but has never been properly addressed. That issue is German property tax (Grundsteuer), and the extent to which the tax levied by... Read more


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The Zug, Switzerland-based specialist for German opportunistic real estate investment, Corestate Capital, has been muttering about the difficulties of finding new value-add opportunities for some time. It had traditionally left the field of ‘core’... Read more



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After a year (2013) in which Valad Germany was far more active on the selling side than as a buyer, 2014 is shaping up to be a year in which the tables are reversed, with the fund investor announcing plans to invest up to €350 for its Valad... Read more


IPD Investment Property Databank recently released its German Annual Property Index at a briefing in Frankfurt, attended by REFIRE, which showed Germany following the European trend of falling total returns in 2012 versus the previous year. Read more


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SEB Asset Management is going full steam ahead in selling off assets in its dissolving open-ended fund SEB ImmoInvest to generate liquidity to pay off shareholders. Earlier this month the group signed a purchase agreement worth around €420m with... Read more


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The level of German property foreclosures fell by 15% in the first six months of the year compared to last year’s figures, as high demand for German housing helped put a floor under the most vulnerable section of the residential market... Read more