German commercial real estate

Prof. Dr. Tobias Just - IREBS

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After several years of being on the slide, German commercial real estate loan books are now increasing again, according to research by the country’s International Real Estate Business School (IREBS) and Real Capital Analytics, and supported by the... Read more


DIFI Index

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Sentiment on the German market for commercial real estate financing, as reflected by the quarterly DIFI index, improved again in the second quarter, as Germany’s currently favourable economic climate led to a further rise in optimism in the period. Read more


Commercial real estate

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Listed German commercial real estate investor DIC Asset AG raised about €100m last week when it completed a rights issue and a cash capital increase, which will allow it to take control of a €480m portfolio of 54 German office and retail assets... Read more


Silver Tower Frankfurt


The much-hyped story of insurers and pension funds stepping in to provide commercial real estate financing, in the wake of traditional lenders back-pedalling out of the market, has an appeal for all investors – but has been slow in making a real... Read more


Fitch Ratings

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Ratings agency Fitch produced one of its regular reports earlier this month on the German real estate banking sector, and seemed to have a slightly sharper tone than usual in REFIRE’s view, highlighting several banks’ lack of a retail base in... Read more



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Attending as many real estate gatherings throughout Germany as we do, here at REFIRE we frequently find ourselves thrust into debates about the merits (or lack thereof) of investments in office property outside the core investment locations in... Read more


It’s probably the daddy of the burgeoning array of property indices that now track all aspects of the German commercial and residential real estate markets. The BulwienGesa Index, managed by the market research company of the same name, Read more