German Quarterly Spezialfonds Index

Numbers and figures

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German real estate Spezialfonds have generated their highest annualised total return since 2009, according to MSCI. The IPD German Quarterly Spezialfonds index (SFIX), which now covers 180 funds with a net asset value of €45.1bn, posted an... Read more


Funds, numbers and figures

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German-focused funds have again outshone funds with a broader European weighting in total performance, while retail proved the strongest sector to be in through 2013, according to the latest quarterly report produced by IPD Germany. Read more


IPD/BVI German Quarterly Spezialfonds Index

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Returns for German institutional property funds in the third quarter were 0.1%, according to the IPD/BVI German Quarterly Spezialfonds Index (SFIX). Funds invested in Germany significantly outperformed European allocated funds, while at a sector... Read more