Gerald Klinck

Barak Bar-Hen - TLG Immobilien

TLG Immobilien AG

Listed Berlin commercial property investor TLG Immobilien booked a €400m upward revalutation of its property asset in the first half year, bringing its assets under management to €4.6bn. The revaluation derived largely from its Berlin properties... Read more


Michael Zahn


In our December issue of REFIRE, we speculated that Ouram Holding, controlled by Israeli investor Amir Dayan, was about to make a full takeover attempt for the German listed TLG Immobilien. Read more


Dr. Steffen Sebastian - IREBS

Universität Regensburg

The 1st Annual Congress on Financing for the Real Estate Industry kicked off in the Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt at the end of April, presented by financial structuring adviser Berlin-based BF.direkt AG and the IREBS International Real Estate... Read more


Convertible Bonds

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We report elsewhere in this issue on a number of bond issues from German real estate companies, including TAG Immobilien, Grand City Properties and Austria's UBM Immobilien, which highlight the increasing role that bonds, and in particular... Read more


Constantin von Oesterreich - HSH Nordbank

HSH Nordbank

We reported in a recent issue of REFIRE on our meeting with Michael Windoffer, director at Hamburg and Kiel-based landesbank HDH Nordbank, which had a clear take-home message that the bank is back in business for real estate lending... Read more



GAGFAH M Immobilien-Management GmbH

Listed German residential property investor Gagfah issued its half-year results recently, which were long on bullish projections for the future based on its improved capital structure, but short on actual improvements on a like-for-like basis with... Read more