Florian Mundt

Commercial Property

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German lender Münchener Hypothekenbank (MünchenerHyp) said earlier this month that is providing acquisition finance of €76.5m to the Deutsche Investment - Wohnen IV open-ended fund managed by Deutsche Investment Kapital-verwaltungsgesellschaft... Read more


Dirk Wichner - JLL


Food and gastronomy take-up has increased six fold over the past 10 years as business kicks into a new gear, according to a new study by JLL, ‘Changing food retail: from mom-and-pop stores to e-business’. Read more


Esfandiar Khorrami - Bottermann Khorrami

Esfandiar Khorrami

Germany’s Christian Democratic Union and the centre-left Social Democrats have reached an agreement regarding the terms of a coalition deal, in a move that will boost stability in the market, Dr. Esfandiar Khorrami, a partner at law firm... Read more