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Stefan Ermisch - HSH Nordbank

HSH Nordbank

The highest bid from the three remaining bidders for the troubled Kiel- and Hamburg-headquartered HSH Nordbank is coming in at about €200m, according to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal. Following an EU decree... Read more



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The German government is mulling changes to crowdfunding regulation that would subject it to the same scrutiny as senior lending and publically-raised equity. Currently, crowdfunding regulation in Germany states that it is exempt from the kind of... Read more


Article 50 triggered

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Now that Theresa May, the British prime minister, has triggered Article 50, the process of formally negotiating Brexit can begin. Here’s what to expect in the next two years. Read more

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Treaty of Rome

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The idea of Europe began in the minds of its peoples – its philosophers, scholars, artists, religious and political leaders. And so did its wars. Historically, attempts to unify Europe were made through a series of brutal conflicts, culminating... Read more

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A separate study produced by UK research group Capital Economics also takes a bullish view on the direction of German prime high street retail rents. The researchers see further growth in rent levels as growing populations in Germany's biggest... Read more


Peter Axmann - HSH Nordbank

HSH Nordbank AG

A higher-than-expected level of early repayments forced the hand of property lender HSH Nordbank in 2015, which saw it raising its level of new business last year from the budgeted €3.6bn to €4.5bn. Read more


Claus-Jürgen Cohausz - WestImmo

Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG

The Mainz-based real estate lender WestImmo, in the process of being taken over by near-neighbour Aareal Bank down the road in Wiesbaden, has reported a record net profit of €64m for full-year 2014, a rise of 22% on the previous year's figure of €50. Read more



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Westdeutsche Immobilienbank (WestiImmo), the previous real estate lending division of the mothballed WestLB is said to be in talks with at least two possible buyers to sell its lending business out of the clutches of the German state, which... Read more