Dr. Steffen Metzner

Joint Venture

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The Swiss-based Empira Group, an institutional investment manager in German-speaking Europe, is planning to raise €150m for its Empira Real Estate Finance Fund IV, the company’s fourth debt fund. Read more


Munich Marienplatz

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German land prices are rapidly diverging, with land prices in some cities soaring to 35 times those in their less sought-after counterparts, according to a report published this month by Swiss investment manager, Empira. Read more


Big Seven 7 Germany

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A new study by the Switzerland-based Empira Group finds no conclusive evidence of a general undersupply of housing in Germany, although it does confirm an increasing housing shortage in the country’s Top 7 markets. Read more


Real Estate Study

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Swiss-based investment manager Empira Group has just published a very useful study on German residential real estate returns, looking in particular at cash flow returns, change in value returns and total returns, for the years 2005 to 2017. Read more