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Office Space

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Germany's first REIT, the Hamburg-based Alstria Office REIT AG, has just completed a splurge of disposals of what it described as 'non-core' office properties. In a series of transactions it sold seven office properties valued at €116.8m at what... Read more



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Germany's first and original REIT, the Hamburg-based alstria Office REIT AG, has placed its first 'Schuldscheindarlehen', or unsecured promissory note with a total volume of €150m. This is the first time that a listed German real estate company... Read more


Convertible Bonds

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Germany's first REIT, the Hamburg-headquartered Alstria Office REIT AG, placed its second €500m corporate bond to conclude the refinancing of its October 2015 takeover of DO Deutsche Office. Read more


Numbers and figures

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Germany's first-ever REIT, the Hamburg-based Alstria office REIT-AG has now officially taken over fellow-listed DO Deutsche Office AG following its voluntary takeover offer. The new company will be Germany's largest commercial property company... Read more


Ernst Merck Str. - Alstria

alstria office REIT-AG

The board at Germany's first REIT, the Hamburg-based Alstria Office REIT AG has received a resounding 'yes' from its shareholders for the required capital increase as a prelude to its announced voluntary public takeover offer of fellow-listed DO... Read more


Office Building

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German investor Alstria Office REIT has already effectively got the green light to taking control of a competitor, Deutsche Office (DO), in an all-share deal that values its target at €800m. Read more


DO Deutsche Office AG - Share

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It has been earmarked for some time, but the former German listed property group and REIT Prime Office has officially been re-named as DO Deutsche Office after its merger with OCM, moving its headquarters to the city of Cologne in the Rhineland... Read more


Estavis - Adler

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Germany’s financial regulator BaFin gave its approval for the voluntary public takeover by small listed German property investor Adler Real Estate AG of the likewise-small listed Berlin-based Estavis AG. There is now an exchange period, which... Read more