Figures, Numbers and Stats

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Germany’s property finance index (DIFI), as compiled by JLL and ZEW, fell back into negative territory in the first quarter of 2018, thereby pulling away from the slight gains made in the fourth quarter last year, according to... Read more


Lending Market

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Germany’s lending market appears to be losing its mojo, according to a raft of data published over the summer. Read more



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Increasing uncertainty in global markets mixed with creeping pessimism is putting the brakes on the lending market in Germany. Read more


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One of the barometers we keep an eye on at REFIRE is the quarterly Deutsche Immobilienfinanzierungsindex, or Difi for short, a quarterly reading of survey participants' assessment of the current situation and expectations for the German real... Read more


Berlin Summer

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Berlin property lender Berlin Hyp's second comprehensive real estate survey "Trend Indicator" has recently appeared, and its principal finding is that Germany is actually increasing as an attractive location for commercial real estate investment. Read more