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Brexit London

British fund providers may no longer sell fund shares in the EU after the UK leaves the bloc. Some of the affected companies consider collaborating with German third-party AIFM. This sort of collaboration offers an efficient and affordable way out... Read more

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Joint Venture

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British online estate agent Purplebricks is making its first foray into the German market, teaming up with media giant Axel Springer to buy a stake in the country’s market leader, Homeday. Read more


Charles Kingston - REFIRE


Chaos in Berlin, with numerous political parties vying for power, each following its own agenda with nothing but contempt for the others. Thousands of people flooding into the city, driven to explore the arts, humanities... Read more


German real estate

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A new study we stumbled across recently suggests that increasing number of Russians are now investing in German real estate. This probably comes as no surprise, but inevitably, quantitative figures have always been hard to come by. Read more