Sabine Barthauer - Deutsche Hypo

Deutsche Hypo

After a brief interlude of optimism in the first quarter of 2019, the mood in the real estate market in Germany continued on the downward trend it it has been experiencing since August last year. Read more


Munich Marienplatz

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German land prices are rapidly diverging, with land prices in some cities soaring to 35 times those in their less sought-after counterparts, according to a report published this month by Swiss investment manager, Empira. Read more


Andreas Pohl - Deutsche Hypo

Deutsche Hypothekenbank

The Deutsche Hypo Index, which reflects sentiment in the German real estate industry, has fallen back of late – most recently by 3.7% in April – due to lack of availability of suitable investment objects and nervousness among participants about... Read more


Die Welle - Berlin


There was little fanfare recently in Frankfurt for the listing of eastern German property specialist TLG Immobilien, in part due to the somewhat cool reception afforded stocks throughout October. Sentiment has picked up somewhat on global markets... Read more