Daniel Hough

Angela Merkel

EPA/Filip Singer

German politics has been dominated by two parties since the end of the war – the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats. Yet, recent election results in the southern state of Bavaria and in the central region of Hesse are evidence that they... Read more

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Angela Merkel is in trouble. Serious trouble. Negotiations to form the next German government have collapsed dramatically. Quite where the chancellor, and indeed Germany, go from here is anything but certain. Read more

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AfD supporters

EPA/Thorsten Wagner

The Alternative for Germany (AfD), the right wing upstart of German politics, will enter the national parliament for the first time after taking 12.6% of the vote in the 2017 election. Read more

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Angela Merkel - Shooting Munich

EPA/Michael Kappeler

Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union has won a resounding victory in a regional election in Germany’s most populous state, North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW). The CDU is now in pole position to be the largest party when Germany next goes to the... Read more

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