Hermann Merkens - Aareal Bank AG

Aareal Bank AG

The Wiesbaden-based property financier Aareal Bank has taken a 20% stake in independent London-based loan servicer Mount Street to support Aareal's commercial credit and syndication processes. Read more



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That 'crowdinvesting' for real estate projects has been slow to take off in Germany will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the bureaucratic hurdles associated with the introduction of any new financial instrument that might expose the... Read more


Hans-Günther Nordhues - K-Bonds AG

Farideh Diehl

REFIRE sat down just before Christmas with the Frankfurt-based finance advisory K-Bonds AG to learn more about a number of its recent transactions. K-Bonds, founded and headed by the erudite lawyer Hans-Günther Nordhues, provides mortgage-backed... Read more


Vodafone - Eschborn

Florian Glock

US-based investor Apollo and German asset manager Publity have emerged as the buyers of the large German office assets forming the collateral of the Eurocastle 'Bridge' loan in the legacy Lehman Brothers Windermere X securitisation. Read more


Thomas Hegel - LEG

LEG Immobilien AG / Andreas Teichmann

Benson Elliot, the UK-based private equity real estate fund manager, said it sold 700 units from its German residential portfolio to German listed investor LEG Immobilien, at a rental yield of 6.8%. Read more


Clinching the deal

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Independent London and Berlin-based financial advisor, investor and asset manager CR Investment Management managed to clinch the 127-unit “Project Sunrise” German retail portfolio for a price thought to be more than €350m. The deal will see note... Read more



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It’s been a busy but very fruitful period for special real estate loan servicer Hatfield Philips (HPI). Following on from a complex restructuring process related to its Talisman 6 CMBS, which we reported on in an earlier issue of REFIRE, Hatfield... Read more



Deutsche Telekom AG

The London and Berlin-based CR Investment Management said earlier this month it had been mandated to sell two German real estate portfolios made up of 20 different assets. The first portfolio, to be handled by CR’s Transaction Advisory Group, is... Read more


Andreas Hardt - Valad

Valad Germany GmbH

Real estate investment manager Valad Europe won an important workout mandate earlier this month, when it was appointed to manage and sell off six German office property assets, in the so-called Bridge portfolio. The portfolio is part of the Windermer Read more



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After a year (2013) in which Valad Germany was far more active on the selling side than as a buyer, 2014 is shaping up to be a year in which the tables are reversed, with the fund investor announcing plans to invest up to €350 for its Valad... Read more


Higher Risk

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Large investors in German real estate are showing an increasing appetite for taking on bigger risks for smaller yield, according to Ernst & Young’s annual real estate barometer. The researchers also expect to see a rise in cross-border... Read more


Australia harbour bridge

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Prior to the financial crisis Australian funds were a common sight in Europe – particularly Germany – as they roved around looking for suitable investments to meet their long-term pension return needs, with their own domestic market essentially... Read more



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There may yet be another sizeable residential real estate transaction before the end of the year in Germany, as the sector continues to consolidate and the capital markets continue to show appetite for further exposure to the sector. Read more



GAGFAH M Immobilien-Management GmbH

Listed German residential property investor Gagfah issued its half-year results recently, which were long on bullish projections for the future based on its improved capital structure, but short on actual improvements on a like-for-like basis with... Read more


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While Deutsche Annington’s moves to tackle its refinancing problem provided much of the main focus of investor attention in recent weeks, the rating agency Fitch highlighted another upcoming sale... Read more