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Against a background of increased housing pressure across Germany, the extension of the review period for the calculation of local comparable residential rents (the Mietspiegel) has been attracting heavy criticism of the proposed reform measures. Read more


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New figures released this week by German’s Statistische Bundesamt show that the number of building permits issued for new apartments sunk in the first half of the year to 164,600, down 2.3% on the same period last year. Permits issued for... Read more


German housing construction

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German is still suffering from a lack of new housing, despite the completion of 277,700 apartments last year, according to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Bundesamt). Read more



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In the May issue of REFIRE we carried an article about the status of real estate project developments in Germany, and looked at some reasons why the project development market in Germany's top 7 cities appears to be collectively stagnating, at... Read more


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Planning permission was granted in January and February for 54,000 residential units in Germany, a rise of 33% on the previous year and probably a new record on a monthly basis, according to the country's Federal Office of Statistics. Read more


Long-term readers of REFIRE will have followed with us over the last ten years the inexorable rise of the rate of Grunderwerbsteuer, or land transfer tax, applicable on any real estate acquisition in Germany. Once the domain of the federal governme Read more