Housing market

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The latest monthly report from the Bundesbank deals with housing prices outside the biggest German cities, and concludes that while price rises have slowed in the big cities, they have been gathering pace in urban hinterlands. Read more


Rolf Buch - Vonovia

Vonovia SE

Germany's largest residential property company Vonovia is buying Austrian rival BUWOG in a cash deal which values BUWOG at €5.2b. The move will see Vonovia increase its housing stock from 350,000 to 400,000 units, and give it valuable access... Read more


Residential Real Estate

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A recent report from Capital Economics asks, "Should we be concerned about German house prices" – an issue that has been occupying a lot of minds since the market started rising ten years ago, and has hardly paused for breath since. Read more


Prof. Dr. Claudia M. Buch - Deutsche Bundesbank

Alexandra Lechner / Deutsche Bundesbank

Cheap credit is not fuelling a destabilising real estate bubble in Germany, said Bundesbank vice-president Claudia Buch recently. However, the Bundesbank is keeping a close watching brief on the situation, she said. Read more


Charles Kingston - REFIRE


As Gary Lineker famously commented, “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” Nowadays, in the shadow of Brexit, the world of real estate is beginning to feel a little bit like... Read more


Andreas Dombret - Bundesbank

Deutsche Bundesbank

Is a German property bubble on the cards? Germany’s central bank (Bundesbank) seems to think so and sounded an alert earlier this month, citing low interest rates and banks chasing yields. Read more



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We have reported extensively in these pages over the past few months on the so-called Wohnimmobilien-Kreditrichtlinie, or the credit-lending directives issued ultimately by the EU in Brussels, but translated into a particularly harsh form in Germany. Read more



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The upswing of prices in the German residential property market is gaining momentum, Deutsche Bundesbank cautions in its current monthly report. The report is compiled using the bank's own resources, combined with external data from researchers... Read more


Jan Bettink - Berlin Hyp

Berlin Hyp AG

Despite Germany's strong market position and the comparative health of its economy, has probably peaked as a destination for real estate capital from institutional investors after several years of strong price run-ups, according to property... Read more


Andreas Dombret - Bundesbank

Deutsche Bundesbank

While the European Central Bank was announcing plans to open the financial spigots to combat the threat of European deflation, across town in Frankfurt at the Bundesbank German financial regulators said they are studying tools that can be used to... Read more



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Austrian residential real estate, which had been rising at a steady 10% clip annually for the past several years, has experienced a trend shift and prices are now actually falling, according to a report from specialist researcher IMMOunited, which... Read more


Peter Barkow - Barkow Consulting

Barkow Consulting GmbH

German real estate Spezialfonds saw inflows of €3.1bn in capital in the first half of this year, up 14% on the same period last year and the highest amount ever recorded over a six-month period, according to capital markets research group Barkow... Read more


Real estate bubble

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Following on the heels of several statements from German's Bundesbank downplaying any real estate bubble fears here in Germany, Austria's central bank has also taken pains to allay concerns that there is any emerging real estate bubble in Vienna... Read more


Higher Risk

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Large investors in German real estate are showing an increasing appetite for taking on bigger risks for smaller yield, according to Ernst & Young’s annual real estate barometer. The researchers also expect to see a rise in cross-border... Read more


German residential

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Two key trends seem to be evident on the German residential market – at least in the larger cities – at the moment. The rate of increase in rents appears to have slowed in the third quarter, or rents have actually decreased for the first time in more Read more


MIPIM Cannes

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There was much talk among the German participants at this year's MIPIM in Cannes about the likely intentions of the bigger players in Germany’s frothy residential property market. Certainly a number of indicators are flagging that the recent... Read more


House Price Bubble

Jean Kobben

Economists in Germany have been quick to justify the rising level of German residential prices across the nation over the past two years, citing catch-up effects, safe haven status, low interest rates, and rural urban demographic... Read more