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Adler Real Estate - Axel Harloff

Adler Real Estate AG

From minnow status barely a year ago, the Hamburg-headquartered, publicly-listed Adler Real Estate has soared over the past year to become one of the most active and aggressive residential investors on the German market. The company, which has its... Read more


Adler Real Estate - Axel Harloff

Adler Real Estate

One small real estate company that has been flexing its muscles of late is erstwhile minnow, the Frankfurt-based Adler Real Estate AG. The listed company has been selectively buying up residential portfolios across Germany... Read more



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The Hamburg-based specialist research consultant GEWOS sees an increase in transactions in German residential property this year of 5.4% over last year, which will force households in the larger cities to pay over twenty times their annual income to Read more


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Another listed German property shifting its strategy is the Berlin-based residential specialist Estavis AG. The group recently sold its last development site, a 7,860 sqm plot of land in Alt-Hohenschonhausen district of Berlin, reflecting the... Read more