Charles Kingston - REFIRE


A few hundred metres from REFIRE’s office here in Berlin, the almost unbroken line of buildings with heights varying between five and seven stories is suddenly interrupted by a wide, flat, single-story building surrounded... Read more


Markus Mosa - EDEKA


We reported in REFIRE a number of months ago about the bid by Germany’s largest grocery group Edeka to take over the 451 outlets belonging to rival Kaiser’s Tengelmann. The outcome would have a significant effect on new retail property deals... Read more


Joachim Stumpf - BBE

BBE Handelsberatung GmbH

For investors in German retail portfolios involving the leading grocery chains, news of the announced takeover of Kaiser's Tengelmann by rival Edeka will be giving them distinct pause for thought, as it is likely to have a noticeable impact on the... Read more