Roland Koch

Charles Kingston - REFIRE


Roland Koch knows his way around politics. Or at least, he did, when he was the prime minister of Hesse and a close colleague of party boss Angela Merkel, back in the day. Read more


Ralf Klann - Bilfinger

Bilfinger Real Estate Germany

REFIRE met with construction and engineering group Bilfinger at the MIPIM, where the company has managed to snare - and hold on to - one of the best stands in the Palais des Festivals. Its extensive sunny outdoor terrace is ideal for up-close... Read more


Aydin Karaduman - Bilfinger

Bilfinger Real Estate Germany

The Mannheim-based international service and engineering group Bilfinger was never going to just carry on plowing its (highly profitable) facility services furrow once ex-Hesse state premier Roland Koch decided to stop tilting at political... Read more