Prof Lorenz Reibling

Sebastiano Ferrante - Pramerica

Pramerica Real Estate International AG

Pramerica Real Estate Investors, an arm of US insurer Prudential Financial, and the Third Swedish National Pension Fund AP3 have formed a joint venture to invest in German retail, and have wasted little time in already buying its first portfolio... Read more


Prof. Lorenz Reibling

REFIRE - Florian Glock

Real estate investment is always a tough and tricky one. Let’s take the example of two investment opportunities, one large class-A office building in Midtown Manhattan and a portfolio consisting of 10 distressed residential properties in Chester... Read more

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Prof. Lorenz Reibling

REFIRE - Florian Glock

Prof. Lorenz Reibling - Co-Founder, Chairman and Senior Partner of Taurus Investment Holdings / "Home Bias: Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side of the Fence?" Read more

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