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LEG Immobilien AG

The Whitehall Funds of Goldman Sachs took the opportunity earlier this month to dispose of practically its entire holding of 15.2m shares or nearly 29% in LEG Immobilien AG, Germany’s fourth-largest property company by market value. Read more


Goldman Sachs' Whitehall Funds and US hedge fund Perry Capital lightended up their holdings in Düsseldorf-based housing firm LEG Immobilien earlier this month in line with their lock-up arrangements when they raised €290m by selling a further 7... Read more


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It’s been a relentless road show for the past couple of weeks in the run-up to its listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on February 1st for Düsseldorf-based LEG Immobilien. But it looks almost certain to usher in a new era for Germany’s listed... Read more