Bayerische Ärzteversorgung

Bayrische Versorgungskammer

Bayrische Versorgungskammer

Giant German pension fund Bayerische Ärzteversorgung (BAV) is outsourcing the management of a €1bn global property portfolio to Deutsche Asset Management, the alternative assets investment arm of Deutsche Bank. Read more


Silver Tower Frankfurt


The much-hyped story of insurers and pension funds stepping in to provide commercial real estate financing, in the wake of traditional lenders back-pedalling out of the market, has an appeal for all investors – but has been slow in making a real... Read more


Bayrische Versorgungskammer

Bayrische Versorgungskammer

Bayerische Ärzteversorgung (BÄV), the Bavarian doctors pension fund which is part of the giant German pension fund Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK), has awarded a €500m global real estate mandate to LaSalle Investment Management in a bid to... Read more