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Clinching the Deal

German Real Estate Portfolios - The Path to Profit

Hardback Edition

by Joachim Arenth

ISBN 978-09-93090-30-1

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The number and extent of real estate transactions in Germany has risen steadily over the last ten years. Portfolio deals numbering tens of thou- sands of residential apartments are regularly transacted among institutional investors, along with extensive retail portfolios which can sell for hundreds of millions of euros.

But few investors understand quite HOW these, and smaller portfolio deals, are done in practice. This unique book identifies the many hurdles to be surmounted before transactions of these magnitudes are ready for notary signature – when the deal is finally clinched.

Based on the experience gained from personally handling more than two dozen such structured deals, the author simulates and analyses the entire transaction process step by step – using a fictional but completely realistic German real estate portfolio. With the help of numerous tables and illustrations, the reader is given a full overview of the transaction process, and is guided through each step with the help of practical examples.

About Dr. Joachim Arenth

Dr. Joachim ArenthDr. Joachim Arenth is the managing director of JenAcon GmbH in Osnabrück and Jena, a management consultancy specialising in German real estate portfolio transactions. He advises numerous family offices, fund managers and retail organisations, as well as sub- and non-performing loan service providers. He gained early international experience as a consultant at McKinsey and subsequently worked as the head of strategy at Bertelsmann AG. Dr. Arenth has taught at the universities of Munich and Hamburg, and today gives regular talks on the subject of property portfolio sales and transactions.