Hotel Sector

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Germany’s investment-grade hotel market is expected to hit a new high of €56bn by the end of this year, according to Dierk Freitag, a partner at consultancy Bulwiengesa, in a sign of just how rampant growth in the sector has become. more


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INREV’s German Vehicles Annual Index 2018 recorded a ten-year high for non-listed real estate performance in Germany, with total returns of 4.29% over 2017, up from 2.68% the previous year. more



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Germany has overtaken the US to become a Mecca for open-ended retail real estate funds, accounting for €2.3b, or 25%, of investment last year, according to research published this month by Berlin-based consultancy, Scope Analysis. more


Commerzbank Zentrale

Commerzbank AG

Germany's open-ended real estate funds have been riding a wave of liquidity to clean up and diversify their holdings, largely to very good effect, according to the latest annual ratings issued by Berlin-based rating agency Scope. more


Money, Sale, Deal

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Money laundering is an age-old crime but governments and other organizations are starting to crank up the heat, in a move to crack down on ill-gotten gains funnelled into commercial real estate. more


Office - Unternehmensimmobilie

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Germany’s finance ministers have called for more stringent regulation regarding real estate share deals, as pressure builds from politicians to close a controversial tax loophole. more


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German real estate investors are unlikely to be fazed by a moderate rise in interest rates imposed by the European Central Bank, and would not radically alter their medium-term strategies, according to a recent study by Catella Research. more


Office Building

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Can Germany retain its position as the most stable real estate market in Europe? That is the question being posed this month by TH Real Estate’s report: ‘Think Europe: who is afraid of German volatility?’ more


Retail space

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Retail real estate yields in Germany look set for a further period of coming under pressure, with retail parks (Fachmarktzentren) providing the only glimmer of optimism, according to the latest study produced by EY Real Estate and the German ... more


Funds, numbers and ratings

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Inflows to German property funds in the first quarter of 2018 outstripped the 10-year average by €7bn to total €38bn, according to the German Investment Funds Association, the BVI this month. more