Germany’s Federal Statistics Office


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Housing subsidies need to become ‘fit for the future‘, particularly given that the number of people dependant on them is on the rise, according to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office this month. more

21 Nov 2017 10:00 Markets

German housing construction

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German is still suffering from a lack of new housing, despite the completion of 277,700 apartments last year, according to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Bundesamt). more

21 Jun 2017 10:00 Markets

Nursing Home

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Investment in German nursing homes has hit a record high, with around €3 bn in deals recorded last year, according to CBRE. more

13 Apr 2017 10:00 Markets

Home Building - Construction site

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The German construction industry has the highest level of orders on its books for 21 years, according to the country’s main industry association. Turnover increased by 8% in the first nine months of 2016, headed by residential construction... more

3 Feb 2017 10:00 Markets

Rural residential accomodation

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Too little residential accomodation is being built in Germany's big cities, while too much is being built in rural areas, according to a new study published by the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) in Cologne. The authors of the study are... more

22 Sep 2015 10:00 Markets

Home Building - Construction site

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Germany’s Federal Statistics Office (Destatis) issued figures showing that it issued 212,600 home building permits over the first three quarters of this year, a rise of 5.2% or 10,400 units, although the rate of increase is nonetheless slowing... more

17 Dec 2014 10:00 Markets


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We report elsewhere in this issue on the arrival of several Asian hotel operators on to the German hotel market. Inevitably they are draw by the need for expansion, but it’s also true that the market for investment in German hotels has hit a... more

22 Sep 2014 10:00 Markets

German residential

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Two key trends seem to be evident on the German residential market – at least in the larger cities – at the moment. The rate of increase in rents appears to have slowed in the third quarter, or rents have actually decreased for the first time in more more

5 Nov 2013 10:00 Markets

Two-family home

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The German construction industry continued to see double-digit growth in the first half of this year, with little sign yet of a fall-off in activity, encouraged by rising rents and cheap financing for building. more

20 Sep 2013 10:00 Markets

German housing construction

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There are numerous opponents in Germany of the threatened political measures to introduce a system of rent-capping to prevent ‘unscrupulous’ landlords from driving through rent increases. The solution, opponents insist, is to allow more... more

12 Aug 2013 10:00 Markets

Housing figures

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The German Tenants Association has been issuing dire warnings about the looming housing crisis in Germany, while new figures released by the federal statistics office show a different housing picture than had been previously understood. more

5 Jun 2013 09:00 Markets


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German authorities granted planning permission last year for 239,500 new apartments, a rise of 4.8% or 11,100 more apartments than in the previous year, new figures released by Germany’s Federal Statistics Office show. This continues the trend... more

5 Apr 2013 09:00 Markets